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Pricing rental goods can be considered an art, as you wish to attract customers, and they will usually look at the rental price for the period(s) needed against the price of purchasing the needed goods. For some rental articles, the price can be set according to the season, while other articles have the same price all year round. It is also customary to change the price according to the duration of the rental period, where a long-term rental has a lower period price than a short-term rental. These scenarios display some of the functionality that RamBase Cloud ERP  is equipped with to secures smooth delivery and return of your rental items. 

calendar-blue (1) Rental Workspace
An easy-to-use rental workspace that lets you manage all your rental orders. Get a full overview overall of all your rental items in use and with key figures for invoiced items, backlog, and forecast. 
stopwatch-blue Subscription & Licenses

Provide a steady income with recurring subscriptions for licenses and other intangible objects. Set up recurring order schedules and get an easy overview of all a customer’s subscriptions.


life cycle-blue Life Cycle Management
Seamlessly integrated with RamBase Service and Lifecycle Management functionality, allows you to keep track of expected service and previous services performed on all rental items.
Navigation system rental:

Customer experience

"The rental module enables us to manage licenses, versions, and vessels and to separate them.  A crucial module for us"
Knut Vidar Lauritsen President of Telko
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Covering all your core processes

The Rental Module is only one part of a complete ERP system that covers all the key processes you need to handle your business. RamBase Cloud ERP covers the whole quote-to-cash process with integrated modules for production, sale, procurement and quality to name a few.

Don't settle for multiple systems not communicating with each other, with RamBase you get all the core processes you need in one system and the tools to integrate with other niche systems. 



System insights

Employee Qualifications

Remove mundane task from middle-management.  Employees can easily manage and update their own qualifications in RamBase.


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