RamBase Cloud ERP for production is a complete material requirements planning system (MRP) which covers engineering, planning and advanced operation handling.

A production scenario in RamBase can start with a customer order for a special product, or it can be a straightforward manufacturing-to-stock production. Or something in between the two, where the customer needs a few alterations to a standard product.

Raw materials are picked from the warehouse, and every step is logged into the system to keep track of the production process. All accrued hours during the production are logged, including picking, measuring, quality testing and other actions. A resource can log hours as both machine time and operator time – which gives a very accurate picture of actual costs. This, together with the cost of goods, will create an overview of the total cost of the product. The combination of raw material costs, worked hours, and profit margin will then create the base for the selling price.

Whether your sub-kits are ready-made units, or produced in a sub-assembly, you will have full control of everything from warehouse location or delivery status, to shortages in stock. You will have complete control of all supplier purchases and correspondence with suppliers, and this information is available throughout the production process. The updated status on each article/product is available on item level, giving you complete control of what you need to do to get the product delivered as planned.

The system is prepared for receiving production data / accrued work from automated processes through standard API input.

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