An integrated ERP solution for rental management.

If your business provides equipment rental as a key part of your business, you’ll see all the benefits of the integrated rental solution in RamBase Cloud ERP. The rental feature allows you to easily define products, manage price and set the duration of rental periods. The forecasting functionality gives you full overview of all rental plans and expected income, and the fact that all rental functionality is integrated with all RamBase Cloud ERP processes secures smooth delivery and return of your rental items.

Rental is also integrated with RamBase Service and lifecycle management functionality, allowing you to keep track of expected service and previous services performed on the rental item.

Key capabilities

The production module solves our need for kitting; To make the Bill of Materials (BOM), we have to put together a kit from different suppliers and sell it as one unit. The Rental module enables us to manage licenses, versions, and vessels and to separate them. Both of these are crucial for us.

Knut Vidar, president of Telko


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