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RamBase May 3, 2022 4 min read

Is Now the Right Time to Rethink Your ERP Business Management System?

In a world where we really don't know what is around the next corner, it pays to have a system with as much inbuilt resilience, agility, and flexibility. Easier said than done, of course! When most small to medium business owners are hands-on with their sleeves rolled up and rarely have time to address planning and strategy…..until something goes wrong.

The first lockdown in 2020 was one such wake-up call. Many business owners saw financial disasters staring them in the face. Had it not been for the fast action of governments to bring in wide ranging financial support measures, many more businesses would have gone under. 

It often takes a "burning platform" for a business to review where they are and whether their systems, processes and business resilience fit their purpose.


Review your status quo!

During the turmoil of the last two years, smart business owners have realised the value of modern, cloud-based IT platforms. They have reviewed their own systems and processes to ensure that their business can adapt quickly to hybrid working, supply chain disruptions and rapid price fluctuations. 

For businesses running end-of-life software and/or hardware, now is the time to review your next steps. Here are some familiar challenges we hear:


Speech bubble that says: “Our server is very old and we know we really should replace it, but we are putting off the investment as long as possible”

Speech bubble that says: •	“The supervisor keeps the main production schedule and if he’s not around, we can’t make changes to orders”

Speech bubble that says: “Our current IT system supplier is withdrawing our system which means we cannot update anything without a major replacement project”

Speech bubble that says: Since 2020, components are frequently unavailable. It is difficult to recalculate margins and track documentation changes for products with replacement parts

Speech bubble that says: We don’t have a fully integrated system – we have different applications providing different functions …supported by spreadsheets…

No longer fit for purpose?

If you're an early adopter of resource planning products or perhaps never took the leap to implement a full ERP solution, you will most likely recognize some of these challenges. In most cases, products implemented some time ago may no longer be fit for purpose. 

Chances are, you have an on-premise system running on old technology that may be due an expensive upgrade – assuming it is upgradeable at all? Or you need to expand the functionality, for example, to add functions such as rental and servicing, and the current system would require a complex and costly upgrade?MicrosoftTeams-image (73)

If these scenarios sound familiar to you, perhaps the time is right to review your current systems mix. A cloud-based solution ticks the boxes for resilience, agility, and flexibility. These key ingredients have proved vital in recent years to navigate a successful business in an unpredictable workplace environment. There is no need for hardware or disruptive and expensive system upgrades with a cloud-based approach.


Imagine a system that, rather than being a constraint on your business, becomes an enabler. Working at home, on-site or traveling – the internet and a smartphone is all you need to manage your business from any location.  

Imagine a future-proof environment without upgrade disruptions – since you're always on the latest version. With the potential to add new functions as you need them, all supported with fully integrated documentation and a seamless user interface. 

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RamBase born in the Cloud

If your current ERP solution is end-of-life and your provider suggests you migrate to a different product in their kitbag, perhaps now is the time to fully consider your options and make sure that your next business system provides a flexible and integrated platform for growth.

RamBase Cloud ERP is designed to help manufacturing and distribution businesses gain control over their entire value chain - from sales, through production, to delivery. Founded in 1992, RamBase is a Norwegian-developed system born in the cloud and continuously updated with new industry-fit functionality. This future-proof platform is delivered through a flexible Software-as-a-Service solution, supported by a team of professionals with extensive industry knowledge.



Start your cloud conversation today with RamBase! 



Elisabeth M. Aardal
About the author:

Elisabeth M. Aardal is the Content Manager at RamBase. She's passionate about communicating complex technology in a format that is understandable and fun. ERP & RamBase is all about control of information, and she thrives on sharing customer stories that have achieved just that.