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RamBase April 8, 2020 3 min read

Leading freight service provider, Logi Trans chooses RamBase

“It will be of utmost importance for us to use RamBase in our operations,” says Cathrine Ogne, Managing Director at Logi Trans.

Logi Trans, being a leading provider of international and national freight forwarding, is dedicated to digitalization to offer good services to their customers. They now, in collaboration with BDO and SOLV, prioritize being proactive with the use of new tools and the development of new services.

“It will lead to more efficient processes when everyone is gathered around one system; It is crucial that our foreign departments are on the same platform, and that our systems interact,” says Cathrine, emphasizing that this is much of the reason behind the choice of RamBase.

“It suits us very well that it’s compatible with our operating system, Timpex. The fact that Timpex and RamBase are integrated means we don’t have to do a lot of manual punching,” says Cathrine.

She further explains that for a long time Logi Trans has had their own self-developed warehouse management systems because although storage is not primarily their line of work, they still handle a lot of transit storage.

Over time, several customers expressed a need for remote storage, which required its own set requirements, including flexible billing, and control of the goods; How big they were and how much space they occupied.

“This meant that it became important for us to photograph the goods so that the customer could sit on their platform, see the items themselves, be able to pick out and send them from storage,” Cathrine adds.

Over time, various problems appeared in the old system regularly; Problems that we couldn’t completely solve. This made it clear that they needed a new system and it had to operate quickly.

Our choice was either to use a lot of resources to get the old system back up and running at the same level, or to start over completely; To find a provider who had a better and more reliable system ready.

Through continued dialog with BDO, it became clear that RamBase was the right choice; With high-quality standard processes, the system assures that everything needed for standard warehouse functionality always works. In addition, the RamBase platform provides opportunities to customize services for customers, so that Logi Trans can continue to be unique in their service offerings.

“We were convinced that this was a system that suited us very well; It’s flexible and it’s a big plus that it offers much more functionality than we’ve had before. Not least, it is reassuring to us that this is a system that is stable and has many customers; That it has gotten all the wrinkles out already. This way you avoid worry about whether everything will work from day one,” says Cathrine. 

Since the agreement was signed on February 28, Logi Trans has been in close dialogue with BDO through the adjustment and programming process, in order to have full insight into how various processes work in practice. In addition, SOLV has contributed to adapting integrations and extended additional functionality to the solution.

Read more about how SOLV has helped Logi Trans to develop integrations to better adapt RamBase to their individual needs.

“We need to be sure that we’re always on the right track. We’ve also had two viewings of the system to see what it looks like and to understand how it works. We’ve had some clarification on things that weren’t quite as we had intended, and quickly got it resolved. Throughout this process we have greatly appreciated the flexibility,” Cathrine emphasizes.

It’s not uncommon that the implementation process of these kinds of business systems is a comprehensive one, but Cathrine reports a positive attitude as Logi Trans now prepares to start using RamBase.

“We’ve been very pleased with the flexibility and the close follow-up that we’ve received from BDO right from the start! There have been a lot of committed people involved, which is affecting us: Everyone is positive and ready to go,” says Cathrine.

Through what has been a close collaboration between BDO, SOLV, and RamBase, Logi Trans now has a new solution that is up and running only one month after the contract was signed.