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RamBase February 6, 2022 2 min read

The best use of one-point lessons

One-point lessons are visual work instructions that are easy to use. With RamBase QMS, you are guaranteed full control, and ensured that everyone always relates to the latest version.

One-point lessons are ideal tools when you want to convey an instruction in a simple and visual way. More and more companies are using it as a natural part of their Lean- and improvement work.

Ensures best practice

A one-point lesson is an easy, visual and point-by-point description of how to perform a specific work task. The one-point lesson sets a fixed standard that ensures that everyone performs the same task in the same way – the best way.

Ever since we were kids, Lego has taught us to follow visual descriptions, and everyone who has bought flat-packed furniture from IKEA is well accustomed to their visual assembly instructions. What Lego, IKEA and many others have understood is that visual images and graphics are often easier to understand than tons of text. In addition it removes challenges with different languages.

Many professions prepare one-point lessons prepare as file documents in Word or PowerPoint, and then print them out or save them on to shared volumes. However, it is important for management to be able to control that only the latest version is available to those who need to read it, and that everyone knows where to find these documents.

One of the challenges with Word and PPt documents is that there is no built-in standard layout, which can cause shifting of images and text. The biggest problem is often confusion with important lesson updates. It is vital to ensure that everyone uses the same and latest version of a document, and that even those who perform the task regularly get to know about the new changes.

How can one ensure that everyone relates to the same and latest version?

Everyone is up to date at all times

As a digital tool, RamBase QMS is ideal both for preparing and managing one-point lessons. As RamBase QMS is an online tool and available on desktop, tablet and mobile, those who shall be performing the tasks will always have easy access to the latest updated version of the one-point lessons. RamBase QMS is very easy to use, and allows employees on all levels to create easy instructions regarding their own operation area. It is also easy to comment on each document, and thus contribute to the continuous improvement of the lessons.

RamBase QMS provides you with a complete overview of which employees will need to read the various documents – and also tell you who has actually read them.

Useful tips for good one-point lessons:

  • Create fixed standards for what a one-point lesson should look like. That way they will be faster to create and easier to read
  • Symbols and text colors should mean the same thing each time
  • Always start the one-point lessons in the same way, for example by focusing on the risk associated with the work tasks.
  • It can be useful to visualize the task order in the form of a flow model.