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RamBase January 10, 2022 2 min read

To be in control or not be in control: Should that even be a question for today's business leaders? 

In Shakespeare's epic play, Hamlet searches for the truth about his father's death, and he goes to great lengths to find the information he needs to decide what to do. Fast forward to today, and we have all the information we can think of at our fingertips, but still, there are business leaders that need to search daily for the information they need to make informed business decisions.



Getting the correct information is key to being in control and making business-critical decisions when they matter. Suppose you're manufacturing intricate products and have to deal with a complex supply chain, an ever-changing customer base, and different rules and regulations in various markets. In that case, it can be a challenge to handle such a vast information pool from multiple sources and draw the correct decisions.


The solution can be investing in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to help you manage all these different processes and give you the aggregated information you need from each process. An ERP system is an intelligent management tool that will provide you with control of your core business processes in real-time and lay the foundation you need to make quick business decisions.  


However, using another famous quote from Shakespeare's King Lear: "Nothing will come of nothing."  In this setting meaning, you will not get the ERP benefits if you don't use your ERP system. Control of information will only come if everybody in your organization is committed to the processes. In the end, you will not get the information to make informed decisions if you don't use the system to the fullest.


The tip for business leaders seeking control and considering investing in an ERP system:  

  • The prerequisite for a smooth ERP implementation is a clear understanding of what information you need from the system 
  • Set aside enough internal resources to coordinate the project
  • Commit to the system and use the processes as intended
  • And no matter how good the ERP system is, understand the importance of importing data from the old system. Take the time to do a good clean-up before you start using the new system. 

Or said more bluntly, and not at all quoting Shakespeare, "Garbage in, garbage out." 


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