Automated invoice reception

Eliminate the stress of invoice management.

Automate the management of supplier invoices so that you can spend your time doing exciting tasks that adds value to your business. With invoice reception, RamBase will receive all your invoices whether they arrive on paper, as PDFs or as PEPPOL files. Invoice data is interpreted, verified and delivered directly to invoice approval for further processing. With RamBase you have full control of your received invoices.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce risk of invoice fraud
  • Save time punching numbers. Time that can be spent on more value adding activities.
  • Reduce risk of errors due to manual entry.
  • Ensure invoices are paid on time and reduce fees on overdue invoices.
  • One source of invoice management.

Key Capabilities

  • Receive invoices electronically.
  • Automatic matching against purchase order.
  • Automatic posting to generalledger.
  • Validation of supplier information.




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