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Working smarter, faster and more environmentally friendly with RamBase QMS

There’s a lot to coordinate when Hydro has production sites across several continents, with tens of thousands of employees. Quantities of data, procedures, expertise and other business documents are in constant circulation. Hydro is using RamBase QMS to maintain eazy organizing and solid workflows.


“With RamBase QMS, we’re working smarter, faster, and more environmentally friendly. A simple and intuitive user experience makes the system a tool for continuous improvement, and gives us value for the time and effort we invest,” says Business System Manager at Hydro, Kjellbjørn Fossheim.



The plant in Høyanger produces low-carbon primary aluminium for customers in various markets. Since 1915, they have worked to continuously improve the production of primary aluminum – making them one of the longest-running aluminum production sites in Norway.


“We have a responsibility to lead the way with environmentally friendly production – making sure that our future is longer than our past. This focus has made us the preferred supplier of products that enable our customers to produce environmentally friendly products,” Kjellbjørn continues.


Hydro is a company of expertise

Hydro’s worldwide employees and plants are built on the company’s insight, expertise, and knowledge. On a daily basis, RamBase QMS is used as a knowledge hub that connects the expertise across the plants. This is where Hydro finds all instructions, procedures, and other business-related information.


“RamBase QMS works as a platform where we define how we run our business to the safest possible degree for our employees. We do this by creating interactive and user-friendly procedures. Due to the low complexity of the system, the people who actually perform the work daily can create and maintain all necessary procedures themselves. This helps to strengthen the ownership and commitment to the entire concept,” says Kjellbjørn.


Hydro also uses RamBase QMS to document work-related training relevant for each role throughout the company. It makes it easy for them to confirm that the employees are getting the necessary education through digital quizzes and signings of procedures.


Hydro er et selskap med ekspertise


A solid cooperation



Et solid samarbeid


Hydro has been working with RamBase QMS for quite a while now, which has led to a solid relationship. At an earlier time, Hydro depended on several manual tasks, all of which they now get from RamBase QMS. They say that the old way of working had limited functionality, which led to alternative approaches, and a combination of different systems showed up.


Kjellbjørn continues; “Our procedures before RamBase QMS were only based on text. In RamBase QMS more information is illustrated by using videos and pictures. In addition, we have a unified design by using templates to maintain a high standard of procedures. We now have an informative, user-friendly experience.”


RamBase QMS is a valued tool for Hydro in their continuous efforts to maintain a high quality on procedures, and communicating HSE-risks. Moreover, as a tool to support job training, it gives them the opportunity to create a vibrant and interactive skill matrix. New employees entering the facility always face a flexible and robust training system.

Less time spent pleasing the system, more time on hand

The main purpose of RamBase QMS is to support Hydro in the development of its staff.


“From a management point of view, it’s robust and scalable, so we can set a structured standard for all factories and maintain a transparent system,” Kjellbjørn says.



He continues; “Documents can easily be shared between locations, and we can have cross-trained employees, ensuring they’re always trained for their roles.”

Whether it’s communicating training requirements to employees or receiving feedback on improvements to a procedure, information is automatically provided with RamBase QMS.

“The system performs the tasks we previously needed to follow up manually, so we can be more connected to the employees.”


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