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Olena Taymanova January 28, 2022 2 min read

Are you Ready for B2B Subscriptions?

Enhance the value of your product offering, retain customers, control a stable flow of revenue and improve your business agility. It's all possible with our Rental / Subscription Module. With this new update, you can gain clear insight into the health of your subscriptions with real-time visibility into key invoicing information. Create flexible subscription plans, customize recurring payments, and manage your customers within one application. 



A Subscription management system your enterprise won't outgrow

RamBase Cloud ERP subscription management is an agile solution for product-and-service-based industries. Our system stays updated through a cycle of continuous upgrades with no downtime.

The Subscription Module can:

  • Automated recurring billing, licensing forecasting, and period adjustments.
  • Flexible upgrades, downgrades, reactivation, cancellations and price breaks.
  • Deploy standardized billing models or create your own customized pricing packages.

  • Manage and edit varying frequencies of billing periods.
  • Manage large-scale price changes and migrations.
  • Manage multiple warehouses, staff and equipment.
  • Reduce operational overhead with shared customer-, product-, and inventory data in a single database.


How can the RamBase Subscription model benefit your business?

The subscription model offers traditional businesses a range of benefits to innovate and drive growth by moving the direct value of their offering closer to the customer context. The subscription module can: 

  • Drive more predictable and linear revenue
    Secure long-term, predictable revenue by changing one-time big purchases into a lower-cost payments made repetitively over time. The financial attractiveness stems from selling a subscription package once and then maintaining a steady, predictable stream of revenue.

  • Increase the value of your business
    Businesses that tap into the recurring revenue model are more likely to be favored by investors and are likely to receive a higher valuation. This attributes to the higher cash-flow-over-time versus traditional one-time sales models¹.


Get ahead with RamBase.

RamBase Cloud ERP is a complete business solution that adapts through the power of our whole community of industry users. Our system stays industry-updated largely from hearing the needs of our aggregate customers on new trends and shifts going on in process areas. We release new functionality through a cycle of continuous upgrades with no downtime.

Get 360-degree control by linking the value chain into one system that interacts, streamlines, and simplifies all your core processes. RamBase Cloud ERP is equipped with a rich set of APIs open for partners and customers to develop smart industry solutions that fit your specific business needs.

Rental and subscription are important parts of this process. Our system has features to cover life cycle management, subscription, rental, and licenses. Read more about the rental and subscription module.




The Subscription Module your enterprise won't outgrow

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Learn more:

Thinking about implementing Subscriptions into your business model? Read more about the module in our Knowledge centre

Watch our webinar recording overview of Subscription. This is a great idea if you have questions that may not have been covered in documentation or want step-by-step instructions on creating subscriptions in RamBase.



1. Forrester, Bieler, D., Matzke, P., Kortenska, E., & Bakalar, M. (2020, April). The Rise Of The Subscription Business Model.


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