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RamBase June 23, 2022 3 min read

Connecting your IT landscape: All you need to know about RamBase Developer

No two companies are the same; consequently, their IT landscape will differ. While your ERP system should be considered the backbone of your system needs, it should not operate independently or in a vacuum. Let's explore how developers can customize, integrate, extend and extract information from RamBase Cloud ERP to achieve an IT Ecosystem fit for the future. 


Customize RamBase

One of the strengths of the RamBase system is that it offers standard processes built upon industry best practices. That should not be interpreted that RamBase is rigid and not up for individual adjustments to fit each customer's needs.

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The RamBase application is built in such a way that you can change the user interface to fit your business. You can add, replace, and customize applications without altering business logic, making them even more relevant for your company.

The same user interface customizations apply to creating new apps for the mobile application, making your own portal solutions or customizing the various output documents in RamBase. 

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Integrate with RamBase

The saying "no man is an island" is especially true when looking at a company and the different systems, people and services they communicate with daily. It can be daily bank activities, searching government registers for information, receiving customer forecast files or logging into supplier portals. The need to streamline these processes throughout your entire supply chain is what integrations are all about.  


RamBase supports both API-based and file-based integrations. API integrations operate in real-time and are a reliable solution for data accuracy that saves time and money. 

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All new applications developed in the RamBase client retrieve data from the same rich set of RamBase APIs and are available for customers and external developers. 

File transfer is often associated with legacy systems where API integrations are unavailable. However, modern software systems like RamBase handle files such as remittances, invoices, etc. File integration can be used to change documents to fit the required standard of the external system.


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Extend RamBase

Customers within one industry are rarely 100% identical. There is bound to be some information you need to keep track of that is unique to your way of operating. This is where the custom field tab comes in handy, and with RamBase, you get the tools to add as many fields as you need to satisfy your appetite for details.
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Custom fields are one way to extend the RamBase data model. Extensions are another. Many of our partners have seen the possibilities with our open REST API and development tools at their disposal. Their extensions for one customer have been productised and become a continuous revenue stream. 


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Extract RamBase Data

Research shows that presenting numbers to an audience doesn't always convey true information convincingly. However, if you visualize your data, it has a much more significant impact on cognitive processing. Our brain loves images more than numbers. 


RamBase can work with many external data platforms to extract data for custom business analytics and data visualizations. Currently, RamBase supports three methods for data extraction:

  • API-based export
  • Schedule file exports
  • Database mirroring 

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