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RamBase February 8, 2022 1 min read

Growing demand and several ongoing projects for Arribatec & RamBase

After a close and good collaboration in 2021 which resulted in several new customers, partner Arribatec is increasing its investment in RamBase Cloud ERP. 


Arribatec increases its focus on RamBase Cloud ERP

Consultant Manager for the RamBase team at Norwegian ERP Partner Arribatec, Olav Kværum, reveals that they have several ongoing and new projects in the pipeline. "The projects we are working on now are companies that are based in Norway but with great international ambitions," Kværum explains and continuous: 

"It is impressive to see the scalability of the product and how quickly you can get started with a cloud-based ERP solution when it is designed for given industries from the start. These are exciting projects with interesting customers and now we are looking for more consultants."



Close collaboration with RamBase

The sales manager for ERP & BI solutions at Arribatec Lars Inge Sørlie continues;

"The collaboration with RamBase is very close and they have a clear and distinct partner strategy and a very good product."

Sørlie emphasizes how RamBase is a very modern and scalable ERP solution that is both fast to implement, scalable and adapted to specific industries. 

"We also offer value-adding and complementary services related to BI & Analytics, integrations and consulting services that enable us to provide a complete offering to our customers," Sørlie closes.

“It's impressive to see the scalability of the product and how quickly you can get started with a cloud-based ERP solution when it's designed for given industries from the start.”  Olav Kværum, Consultant manager for the RamBase team at Arribatec.


Arribatec also has offices in the UK, promoting RamBase Cloud ERP to manufacturing and wholesale companies looking for an industry-fit solution. 

Check out Arribatec's own article on their collaboration with RamBase. 



RamBase ERP offers complete control of the value chain

RamBase is a cloud-based ERP solution that helps companies in production and distribution to gain control of the entire value chain from sales to production to delivery.

The solution is built on a future-proof platform, with open APIs and defined best-practice models that ensure a predictable implementation that provides value quickly.

The system is Norwegian and is owned and developed by Hatteland. It is a solution that is designed to be customer friendly with no prepayment of licenses and a flexible model.

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