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Elisabeth M. Aardal March 15, 2024 2 min read

Join Us at the RamBase Summit: Growing Stronger Together

The RamBase Summit in Gdansk offers customers and partners an opportunity for networking and learning. We caught up with Rune Løvdal, Key Account Manager; Øivind Aasland Håkonsen, Sales Manager; and Linn M. Bø, Director of Cloud ERP at Arribatec, to get their thoughts on what they are looking forward to at the Summit in April.




Unlocking potential through dialogue

Rune emphasizes the importance of participating in the Summit to engage with RamBase experts, super users from various customers, and consultants from partner firms.

"Setting aside time for meaningful conversations and learning sessions can be incredibly beneficial for all involved," Rune says.

Building relationships with fellow super users fosters lasting connections that prove both useful and enjoyable. "The camaraderie formed during these discussions, perhaps over a shared meal, lowers the barrier for future communication," he adds.

Linn echoes this sentiment, highlighting the opportunity for Arribatec to deepen its understanding of both the system and what the customers value. 

"For Arribatec this is a great opportunity to get to know customers and partners better and learn from each other’s work and solutions in our industry. To grow stronger together we need competence and dedicated people that will help us stand out from the competition," she asserts.


Maximizing the RamBase delivery

Øivind highlights the importance of bringing together QMS customers, who understand the value of sharing knowledge to enhance processes, with ERP users in a collaborative setting.

"Having people with different backgrounds and experiences creates a valuable opportunity for engaging discussions. I'm genuinely looking forward to quality sessions, and I'm impressed by the caliber of keynote speakers participating in the Summit," remarks Øivind.


Rune emphasizes the importance of fully leveraging RamBase and sees the Summit as the ideal venue to explore its possibilities. He recognizes the system's complexity and stresses the need to explore all its capabilities for effective management.

"Experienced users can gain valuable insights from interacting with others and gaining tips and inspiration to make the most of all the features," he explains.


For Linn and the Arribatec team, joining the Summit means an opportunity to not only meeting customer but also showcasing their role in offering integrations and solutions to enhance RamBase's functionality.

"We strive to bring added value to our customers. For example, we achieve this by visualizing RamBase and other data sources in Power BI reports," Linn shares, citing a prime example of their commitment to empowering clients.


Customer influence is important 

With the deadline for Summit registration fast approaching (March 29 to be precise), all three individuals are eager to encourage more customers to participate. Their enthusiasm stems not only from the social aspect but also from the opportunity to shape the direction of system offerings through customer input.

"It's crucial to participate in discussions and influence the direction RamBase is heading," Linn asserts, emphasizing the importance of collective engagement.


"Growing stronger together is all about learning from each other. We cannot improve the system without input from the people who use it on a daily basis," Øivind emphasizes.


Join Us for an Unforgettable Experience

With the RamBase Summit just around the corner, now is the perfect time to secure your spot for our event in Gdansk. Whether you're a seasoned expert or a newcomer eager to dive into the world of ERP and QMS, there's something for everyone at the Summit. Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow stronger together within the RamBase community. We'll see you in Gdansk!


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