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RamBase September 22, 2020 4 min read

Ready-Set-Action: RamBase Live!

This Covid-19 pandemic has really changed the way we communicate and interact with the people we work with. This is especially true when you work with people from many different countries. We started a tradition in RamBase where we gathered all our RamBase partners for a two-day stay to catch up, share knowledge and learn something new together. But with travel restrictions and ever- changing infection control considerations, we had to think differently this year. Platforms such as Teams and Zoom are a great option for our everyday communication needs, but we wanted something different for this event, something bigger; we wanted to deliver an experience.

Together with CompEdge, our brilliant marketing agency, we orchestrated our first ever RamBase Partner Livestream Event. The stage was set for our four chosen RamBase- enthusiast to deliver a two-day event in just one hour, which was no small task. The mission was to tell our partners what a great job they are doing every day to solve customer problems with the ERP solutions in RamBase.

One of the best ways to share knowledge is to learn from others, and we were excited that CEO of RamBase partner Arribatec, Per Ronny Stav, could join us live to share his take on selling ERP solutions.

Arribatec CEO Per Ronny Stav (right) in conversation with CSO in RamBase Odd Magne Vea (left).

At such an event it is always exciting to present new marketing material, and we were proud to unveil the new RamBase Brand video. This video strongly conveys the momentum going from two young people in a barn selling electronics in the beginning of the 1970’s, and fast forward to today with a global ERP system that’s growing day by day.

We also had the opportunity to hear from our Brand Manager, Anne Louise Våge Mikkelsen, who shared our strategy for going forward in getting more of the market’s attention, and also what role our partners play in that strategy. We aim to invest in high quality content showcasing our partners and customers. One of our latest successful customers stories is the marine collagen producer Seagarden, delivered by partner BDO. See the brand-new customer video for their reasoning behind choosing RamBase.

CSO in RamBase Odd Magne Vea (left) talking with Brand Manager Anne Louise Våge Mikkelsen (right).

Our aim with the livestream was also to test out another way of delivering information about new features and functions in RamBase, see the video of new releases here. One of the most important aspects with RamBase is that the system is always online, and new functionality is released regularly.

We also invested some time at our event to talk about the integration possibilities in RamBase: Jan Ove Halvorsen, Senior Product Architect, spoke with our Content Manager Elisabeth Møinichen Aardal about how our REST-API works, integrations with Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft Power Platforms, and how we handle scenarios where we cannot use API. RamBase offers partners the ability to develop their own RamBase applications and give free access to our development tools and API-resources.

Content Manager, Elisabeth M. Aardal in conversation about integration possibilities with Senior Product Architect, Jan Ove Halvorsen.

We ended the show by handing out the first ever RamBase Ninja Award for 2019. This was awarded to Silje Slettebø, consultant in BDO Norway, for her amazing work in selling and implementing RamBase. Read more about Silje and the RamBase Ninja Award.

Carrying out this livestream has been a great experience and is something we would like to continue doing as an alternative way of communicating with our partners.

Nevertheless, we are looking forward to the future where we can meet in person and have conversations in a more laid-back setting.