RamBase June 12, 2018 2 min read

Vest Jet the first customer to embark on a fast track RamBase implementation

Our owner, Hatteland, invested in the pump manufacturer Vest Jet AS at the end of 2017. Vest Jet is therefore a new member of the Hatteland family, and they also happen to be a perfect RamBase-match. Hatteland wishes to contribute with optimization of operations and support Vest Jet’s growth strategy and ambitions, and one step in that direction is to implement RamBase. When the decision was made in March, it was essential to get up and running quickly, so we decided to make Vest Jet the first case of the RamBase FastTrack implementation concept.

Vest Jet has, since the beginning in the late 1970’s, developed and produced pumps to international customers in aquaculture, oil and gas, the maritime sector, and land-based industry. They also provide service on manufactured products. Robert Larsen, CEO of Vest Jet AS, explains:

“Being a pump manufacturer, not only a pump distributor, allows us to be agile and take on new orders without delay. We can deliver within a few hours, where other suppliers have several weeks lead-time. We use our competence and experience in the field when helping customers to find the right solution for their specific needs.”

Taking on a fast-track implementation is understandably a bit painful, but sometimes you’ll just have to rip off the band-aid. And Larsen is quite happy with the progress:

It’s been some busy and stressful weeks, but with solid backing from Hatteland professionals, we’re now up and running. And we’re already clearly seeing the benefits of RamBase. We have a higher level of control in all processes. We’re always in control of orders, and it saves us a lot of time. No doubt- this is the future!

About RamBase FastTrack

The RamBase FastTrack implementation concept is a separate track reserved for customers who are a particularly good match for RamBase. It’s also a good solution when you’re an SMB expecting rapid growth.

5 key elements in RamBase FastTrack:

1. Two months from contract to go-live

The whole implementation project, from contract to go live takes two months. The go-live date is set at the start of the project, giving you a very clear and precise goal.

2. Clear and understandable milestones

 Every meeting has a set agenda, and we stick to it. All milestones are set together with our professional and experienced business analysts.

3. Early learning and testing, using your own data

Basic data (customer data, supplier data, articles etc.) are provided at an early stage, and are used as the foundation for user training in a separate test database.

4. Clean start

Except for finance data, we will not load historical data from your previous system. This gives you a fresh start, and the possibility to optimize your processes. Look at it as a real house-cleaning – things that no longer serves you will have to go. We’ll join you with on-site support throughout go-live and the following month, giving you the security you need.

5. Optimize and adjust after go-live

The observant reader will see that in a RamBase FastTrack implementation, there’s no room for development or customization. Before you decide to go with RamBase, we’ll check that you are a good fit for the fast track implementation, meaning that you’ll be able to adapt to the system as-is. There is a hidden advantage here – you’ll not spend money on costly development to fit your expected needs before go-live. This gives you the possibility of testing the system before you start customizing it to fit your actual needs – and saving you both time and money.