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RamBase August 18, 2020 2 min read

We’re welcoming three new customers!

We are proud to welcome three fast-growing companies into RamBase. 

Together with our dedicated partners, Ariser and Mazeppa, Telko, Setrab, and Lilaas will be lifted into RamBase Cloud ERP. All three companies operate within production and mechanical manufacturing, making them a perfect match with the RamBase System.

They are all predicting rapid growth in the near future and want RamBase on their team.

Get to know the different companies and why they chose RamBase:

With simplicity being the keyword, Telko’s main focus is on increasing its customer’s efficiency in everyday operations by offering simple navigation solutions to the maritime market. Many years of testing and refining their systems in one of the world’s toughest marine environments, the North Sea, has resulted in the ultimate equipment for professional mariners. Now, they’re looking to RamBase to make their day-to-day operations easier by providing more control over product lines, ongoing processes and cost control. Using the feature “Sales and Operation Planning”, Telko will be able to achieve the control needed for planning production and procurement needs in the future.

Read more about Telko on their website.

Many of the world’s premium car brands like Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini, amongst many other OEM automotive and vehicle applications, look to Setrab for customized aluminium radiators and heat exchangers. With customers trusting them to manage development projects in a proactive and timely manner and simultaneously meeting the highest standards in quality, Setrab trusts RamBase to help them keep a full overview of all processes and thus keep a seamless workflow. With an ERP solution perfect for the automotive industry, RamBase will deliver industry-fit features that will give Setrab the tools to deliver customized products to different OEMs with full control.

Read up on Setrab on their website 

Years of experience and thorough test procedures come together to ensure that all Lilaas-products are of the highest quality, making them one of the world’s leading manufacturers of control levers and joysticks for marine and offshore segments. Lilaas’ precision mechanics are also used in applications over water, in hospitals/laboratories, the Armed Forces and in space satellites, which entails high demands for documentation. Now they’re looking to RamBase to further streamline all work processes by collecting – and connecting – everything into one solution. RamBase is not just an ERP system but an ERP Platform; read more about how companies like Lilaas can connect all their information in one system with RamBase’s platform possibilities.


Learn more about Lilaas on their website 


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