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Manufacturing or delivering equipment to the oil and gas industry? Then we know you are faced with a demanding industry characterized with strict regulations, price volatility and fast turnaround. This means you need a business system that you can rely on, that is cost effective and helps you deliver high quality products to your customers.

RamBase is a manufacturing-based ERP system that adapts well to support the challenging requirements of the oil and gas industry. With RamBase, your business will have an ERP platform that is tailored to deliver the rigorous and varying needs of your customers . Supporting your end-to-end supply chain, RamBase Cloud ERP has an intuitive CRM dashboard which allows you to focus on the right opportunities at the right time, increasing the lead conversion and win ratio for you and your teams.

Quality is an essential and integral part of RamBase Cloud ERP. All quality management reports can be traced directly to the place in the workflow that a deviation has occurred, giving you the control you need to maintain product quality and traceability. Combined with flexible integration options and mobile application possibilities, the RamBase Cloud ERP solution is available anywhere and anytime. 


“We often have customer audits at our factory, and we always show them how RamBase works so they know how we keep control of the schedule, process and quality of our production.” Frode Helge, Quality Manager Årdal Maskinering

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