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With the increasing demand for healthy and high-quality food, the aquaculture and seafood industry is growing. Your ERP system should help your business grow at the same rate. Stop working outside your systems, let RamBase handle the core processes of your business.

Plan your production level with precision, all the while ensuring that the finished product is safe for your customers.  Get full traceability of your raw materials and product through the entire product lifecycle. RamBase Cloud ERP is the business solution fit for the modern aquaculture industry.

RamBase is an ERP platform that integrates seamlessly with machines and other industry specific systems to deliver effective Aquaculture supply chain solutions. Our system offers streamlined core ERP functionality to cover areas such as finance, customer relationship management, quality, procurement, production and inventory. RamBase also integrates fully with industry-specific components, such as Innova or Mercatus, to enable an interconnected system landscape and deliver the optimal solution for your seafood operation.


Documentation Packages

Attach documents, measurements and certificates at all stages of the workflow. Efficient and correct creation of documentation packages for your seafood product to comply with safety regulations.

Integrated Sales

Service your sales team with real time information of your available product and future planned production. Calculation, quotes, and negotiations are all tied together in a tailor-made sales process.

Quality & Compliance

Quality management procedures are integrated into production to ensure that your product is made sustainable, safely and cost-effective. Comply with seafood safety regulations and ensure quality functionality at every level of your production.

Tracebility & Control

Track raw materials throughout the product lifecycle to ensure your product is safe to consume. Potential defective raw material and goods are rapidly identified with material control at item level.


“It wouldn’t be possible to keep our current growth going without a well-functioning system; Having RamBase in place means we can concentrate on doing what we do best.” Rune Paulsen, Seagarden CEO

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