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RamBase April 22, 2022 3 min read

RamBase growing in the UK mid-market; Electronics Weekly finds out why

As RamBase makes inroads into the UK electronics industry, working with new customers like JST, Electronics Weekly were curious to learn more about how Norwegian Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) specialist RamBase, is supporting UK electronics manufacturers to transform their businesses.


The upheaval of these last two years has required companies to examine their business resilience, with a need to be agile, flexible and innovative. Previously a business might have taken cautious, measured steps when introducing new technologies, fearing the disruption and far-reaching consequences on business productivity and performance. Phrases such as “if it ain’t broke, don't fix it”, have been commonplace, especially in mid-sized companies of sub 200 users, leading to a tendency to preserve “makeshift” systems for longer than prudent, relying on spreadsheets and often bespoke or manual systems, within the business.

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Survival drives a new business imperative

However, with virtually no warning, “normal” ways of working went out of the window; businesses that were dependent on bespoke, on-site and non-integrated solutions, found themselves particularly vulnerable. 


In a scenario where employees could no longer attend their normal place of work, manufacturers, trying to manage end-to-end supply chain processes - often reliant on the knowledge of separate individuals who now found themselves in different locations – found their dependence on legacy system limitations, had compounded a precarious situation.


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Electronics Weekly explores the trends for Cloud ERP

As a result, there have been several trends within the electronics industry, such as a requirement for end-to-end cooperation with suppliers, concerns about IT security, management of large volumes of data in a fast-moving, uncertain marketplace - requirements which have driven interest in the role modern cloud-based technologies can play.

Hence a drive from businesses to take stock and be more enquiring as to how the new generation of solutions could safeguard their business resilience, allowing them to grow and flourish more effectively, despite the external constraints.



Why the UK? Why now?

During this time, RamBase has been developing a presence in the UK marketplace, employing business system experts and building a network of experienced partners. RamBase is now well-positioned to enable the UK electronics industry for growth; here are the reasons why:

    • RamBase was born out of the electronics industry which means we understand the electronics business and bring a solution specifically designed for mid-market companies of 50 to 200 users.
    • Recent experience has raised confidence in cloud-based solutions and the benefits they bring, including speed of deployment and affordability
    • Founded in 1992 in Norway, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, RamBase, offers a cloud-based ERP solution which means you can access the system from anywhere with any internet-enabled device.
    • Because the system is well-matched to industry needs, it can therefore be implemented more quickly – what might previously take a business more than a year, with RamBase, typically takes between 4-8 months.
    • RamBase includes a full complement of integrated process modules providing a complete and single view of your end-to-end processes in one place, to enable you to make informed business decisions.
    • Quality remains paramount in regulated hi-tech industries and the new integrated Quality Health and Safety Environment and Security (QHSES) assurance functionality in RamBase helps businesses to anticipate risks and manage product safety effectively.
    • The rich set of open APIs available means that you can easily connect to specialist apps and machinery without the need for bespoke integrations.
    • The system runs from a secure data center and its cloud-based architecture enables new system features to be added without disruptive or protractive system upgrades.
    • RamBase supports integration across the entire supply chain enabling better collaboration with both customers and suppliers.



Electronics is in our blood!

Cloud-based solutions have become an integral part of the corporate world, providing businesses with greater flexibility and options for growth. Businesses are now seizing the opportunity to address a real need for an industry-specific solution – one that is easier to implement, fully supports your business and is less costly to maintain and extend.

Learn more about our industry solution for High-Tech & Electronics Manufacturing | RamBase Cloud ERP. There are many ERP options available offering generic solutions for companies large and small; RamBase brings its Electronics heritage to the fore to provide a solution that is specifically designed for the mid-market and tailored to your industry.

Check out our UK ERP Partner website to get in touch with our UK team.



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