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Olena Taymanova October 19, 2023 2 min read

Turn emails into actions

For any busy professional using Outlook, the inbox tends to fill up with new tasks, contacts, contracts, last minute changes, and documents. Given the abundance of productivity apps at our disposal, doesn't it make sense to have everything consolidated in a single system that seamlessly connects across all your existing processes? RamBase Outlook helps to streamline your workflows directly from your inbox to boost the speed of delivery and productivity. This all starts with bringing together the right tools to foster seamless collaboration between your teams, no matter where they are. 


Optimize your workflows 




Your production team isn’t spending their workday glued to Outlook; they need information ready in their production systems to quickly respond to changing circumstances. The RamBase Outlook integration allows your customer-facing workforce to work efficiently from their email application while keeping relevant information up to date for your production team to access.



It's time to take action


Capture New Business Opportunities_RamBase_Outlook

The RamBase Outlook integration is connected to your sales process. Contacts, documents, and receipts can be followed up and attached to future projects within the system. Helping your team track customer interactions, log events, and share new business opportunities. Sync contacts and accounts and access up-to-date information when you need it most.



Document management is a key project management resource that provides clarity and guarantees that everyone involved is on the same page. The RamBase extension allows you to consolidate and share email attachments to RamBase directly from your inbox. Easily send files, documentation, customer information, and email correspondence which can be attached to your projects, quality, and documentation processes. 







Competing priorities make it challenging to work efficiently and finish what needs to get done. With RamBase Outlook integration, you can maximize your team's productivity to ensure you reach your goals. Assign tasks to yourself or to a team member, add project milestones, set priority, attach email copy, and add it to a project so it's connected to relevant work. 

Assigned tasks appear on the RamBase dashboard under "My Active Tasks" which you can register hours spent on projects, create custom fields, add tags, connect to active processes, as well as starting a process based on existing process templates.




How to install RamBase for your Outlook

RamBase MS Outlook integration is available across all plans. To learn how to install the application visit our extension page. Available for Outlook app, Outlook web browser, and the Outlook mobile app.



It's time to break free from rigid systems

Legacy ERP's siloed, rigid, and hard-coded processes prevent you from having today's operational must-haves. 

Cloud solutions are becoming an irreplaceable part of business and are here to stay. RamBase is a scalable and collaborative cloud ERP platform guaranteed to future-proof your business. We hold a strong focus on continual innovation and a promise to our customers; to develop the best industry tools and functionality that meet industry best practices and demands. 


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