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RamBase November 26, 2019 4 min read

VVS Prefab: “RamBase will be one of our key factors to further growth.”

RamBase client, VVS Prefab, is leading the way in updating the VVS industry. They found success by building easy to install prefabricated products that are brought right to the building site, moving man-hours from on-site into a “nice cozy” workspace that stimulates efficiency and produces a higher quality product. 

We sat down with Per Kverneland, managing director of VVS Prefab, to hear the story of how their rapid growth led Kverneland to RamBase hoping the system would help their business continue its impressive journey. 

Imagine coming home after a long day, jumping in the shower, and feeling icy cold water pour down on you. Not what you were hoping for, right…? VVS Prefab creates products for their customers that ensure you have hot water in your pipes so this unfortunate shower situation does not occur. 

“One of our product lines is the cabinet; It is the unit that makes sure you have hot and cold water in your sink; That you have heat water under your floor; And we build it here in our production facility. What we do is we plan out the details from the customer input, then we build the model and have it approved by the customer. At this point, we know exactly which materials we need, we have all the plans drawn and then it goes into production. We produce series with 5 to hundreds of these cabinets and every project is unique,” Kverneland explained. 

These products needed are becoming more and more complex which gives VVS Prefab an advantage in the market. They have all the equipment they need in their workshop in Bjerkreim, Norway where it is comfortable and efficient to build high-quality products.  

Because the products VVS Prefab builds are extremely complex, details are crucial in the success of a project. That is where RamBase’s ERP system comes into play. 

Kverneland said, “For us, details are everything. We need to get the details from the customer and put it into our technical department to determine which functions the product should have. RamBase is perfect for us because we can plan from the very beginning; The details easily flow from the offer to the order then to the tech department and so on. I would say this is the best part about RamBase; You can access every detail and it makes sure that our product, in the end, is 100% correct.”

VVS Prefab is a five-year-old company that implemented RamBase because of the challenges they were facing due to rapid growth. After going from 4-40 employees, Kverneland decided they needed a system that would allow the employees and departments the most control and consistent communication between processes. 

“I love how RamBase handles documentation; Even the minor parts are accounted for and you can easily provide the customer with these documents. Before we spent a lot of time gathering these documents and now it is basically automatic and sent to the customer right away. That is one of the many reasons our company likes RamBase,” Kverneland explained. 

Kverneland also expressed how RamBase has allowed VVS Prefab’s workflow to be more fluid because of how connected RamBase makes each step. The flow from procurement to the warehouse, from production drawings to product delivery has become seamless. He also emphasized that RamBase allows his team to do the right thing at the right time and the system forces people to drive the process which he likes. 

In Kverneland’s role, he needs the ability to go from department to department and receive a comprehensive overview of his team’s status.

“From my position, I need to understand every process, not just minor processes. So for me, it is easy to get that overview and then I can also drill down into the minor details. For instance, when you are looking at your income, you can click on your income and get all your invoices and then get down to each product you sold and then even which parts you needed to build that product. The way everything is connected is one of the reasons we chose RamBase and why it is a really good system for us,” Kverneland said. 

The managing director also shared his happiness with the way RamBase handles incoming invoices with a fully digitized process; Invoices are matched to purchase orders, prices are validated and the system assures that the goods have been received. “With RamBase, there is no need for manual checks because the system is so accurate and detail-oriented,”  Kverneland said.

Kverneland also appreciates that RamBase works together with his company to further develop functions that would be helpful for VVS Prefab to continue growing in the future. RamBase has made it clear to Kverneland that they truly care about the ERP system adding value and enabling growth.

“That is a thing that tells me these are forward-looking people that want to get this system as good as possible and they listen to us and other customers to improve. I know we are only a drop in the ocean, but they actually listen to us and help us. That is really cool.”

“Going forward RamBase will be one of our key factors to further growth in handling offers, orders, parts, really everything. We are using a system that can take us from 0 to 200 in no time and we don’t need to change the way we do things, we just need to keep doing what RamBase helps us do. I feel that everything is set for our future growth. We know we are in a stable system that gives us the technology we need to run our business, all from a single provider. That gives me confidence that we are on the right platform to drive this company even further.”