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Sales Calculator

System feature details

Are you using different systems or excel spread sheets to calculate your sale price? Is it difficult calculating the effect off all the changes regarding your product? Finding it hard to keep control of the price communicated to customer at different stages of the sales process?

These are some of the troubles facing many of our customers and results in companies having inadequate cost control and potential loss of profit.

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Sales calculator key capabilities

  • Set or modify cost estimates for each element in your product 
  • Modify quantity and work time to adjust price
  • Add, replace, or delete components to see variation in price 
  • Include machines pre-time and post-time costs 
  • Set sales price or gross margin at each element in your product
  • Incorporate supplier quote request on materials where needed
  • Keep track of different versions of your product and subcomponents
  • Analyze the actual production cost with initial sale price and margin

Be in control of all costs

RamBase knows that your product is complex and so is your cost and price calculations. Solving this is the Sales Calculator feature that is easily accessible throughout the RamBase system. The sales calculator can be used with the sales request from the customer and will flow through the complete process from the request to the delivered product. Be in control of all costs associated with your product and stay on top of your profit goals with the sales calculator.