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As a CFO, you’ll need to be in control.

To gain control and stay in control, you’ll need easy access to core information – and you need to be able to trust that information. RamBase holds all your finances, giving you full control of landed cost, and replacing many of your current  stand-alone systems.


RamBase is built for complete transparency, giving you easy access and complete control of all relevant financial data – cross company  – and from anywhere in the world.

If your company consists of multiple entities, you’ll see the benefits of our intercompany trade functionalities. In RamBase, ledger postings from within the group are automatically registered with an internal trade dimension. This makes it possible to consolidate or summarize reports on group level, giving you full control when reporting to the board.


Deviations? With finance transaction recorded on item level, at all stages of the process, you’ll find the deviations directly – no digging necessary.

All transactions can be traced from a general ledger posting down to the specific customer order, or the other way around. An advanced interface between transactions and the ledger will provide you with a box of reconciliation and quality tools which makes it possible to do a traceable and high-quality fiscal year closing on a month by month basis.

Total visibility, Total control

All processes in RamBase are deviation based, allowing you to take immediate action on any incoherencies. Gross Margin is calculated in real-time, as finance transactions are posted after each operation, and not as a final, separate job for the finance department to handle. Be completely prepared for the next board meeting – don’t miss any details.


As the CEO of your company, you’ll have ambitions of growth.

However, growth can not take place if you do not have control of your processes. In order to have full control, you’ll need to know that the information you are given is always relevant and valid – and you’re probably facing the same demands from your board.

Be proactive. Act – don’t react

RamBase is built on the idea of complete transparency and complete control. All processes in RamBase are deviation based, allowing your employees to take immediate action on any incoherencies, and giving you accurate information in return. RamBase will force you and your employees to do the right thing at all stages of the process, where the ultimate goal is precise information and precise deliveries to your customers.

Having all your information in one system allows you to make the right decisions for your business to grow, and RamBase’s platform capabilities will allow you to grow indefinitely.

Be a digital enabler in your organisation

Most companies today face the changes that comes with digitisation, and there’s a world of possibilities. With the RamBase platform, you’ll have a solid foundation for any digitisation initiative coming from your own organisation or your extended ecosystem. A solid growth strategy today will include digitization, and with RamBase’s platform you’ll have the proper foundation in place.  


As a CIO it's important to create time to focus on you digitisation initiatives

The digitisation of everyday business has changed the way companies collaborate with their ecosystem, and the way employees in a company interact and work with one another. As the CIO of your company, you’ll most probably find yourself engaged in projects across the organization, as digitisation is not a process restricted to the IT department only.

More than ever, you’ll need to be focused on business development and strategy. Time left for basic IT management and maintenance is on the short side, and this shouldn’t be your focus when entering the digital age.

Make sure that your company invests in a platform that can be the base of your eco system, and that will not be a break on your digitisation initiatives. RamBase is not just an ERP system, it is a digital eco system. Read more about our platform capabilities here.

Security and safety of your critical business data is a heavy weight on most CIO’s. When using our RamBase ERP and Platform, your data is always securely stored.

RamBase Cloud ERP is delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service) which is hosted by our EMP-shielded data center in Norway, guarded 24/7 and with full back-up and redundancy.

Our entire data center, including the underground facility containing our critical infrastructure components, is operated by EMP Secure, and is built as a bomb shelter. With full area monitoring of security, infrastructure and operations by our Security Operations Center (SOC), we can provide you with the IT security you need, allowing you to focus on your important digital strategy initiatives.

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