Trust Center

RamBase Trust Center aims to gather all relevant information concerning privacy, security, and compliance in one place. You can rest assure that RamBase is committed to keeping your business information and personal data safe in our system. Our own operational processes and systems are fully complaint with laws, regulations, and standard practices.

ISO 9001

Compliance with quality management system requirements

ISO 27001

Compliance with specific information security and risk management requirements

RamBase Terms and Conditions

T&C outlines the rules and guidelines that users must agree to and follow in order to use RamBase.

RamBase Service Level Agreement

The SLA defines the level of service and quality RamBase customers can expect.

Data Processing Agreements

Agreements to regulate protections of personal data, GDPR compliance etc.

Product Terms Extensions

Terms related to use of optional RamBase extensions.

Privacy Policy & Use of Cookies


EMP Secure provides RamBase with secure IT services and active cybersecurity, enabling our systems to operate and grow securely.