Wholesale ERP

Our distribution customers operate in a market with low margins and high demands to transactions and speed – and they operate world wide.

To keep customers satisfied, they must deliver the right product, at the right place, at the right time, and to the agreed price. We’re guessing, so do you. You need the correct information, at the right place in the value chain, and at the right time – at all times.

Benefits of Rambase in Wholesale ERP

Integrated Sales

Configuration, calculation, quotes, and negotiations are all tied together in a tailor made sales process centered around the configurable BOM. Never miss sight of which version of the quote you agreed to put into production.

Life Cycle Management

Overview of all phases of your product life cycle from initial idea through development, manufacturing, delivery, and products end of life

Supply Chain Management

Get control of a complex, global supply chain with full traceability at every level. Seamlessly synergize with suppliers and purchasing., creating simplified resource planning

Warehouse Management

Minimize overstock and free up space for stronger selling lines and use hand held devices for efficient processing.

A few reasons to consider RamBase; it's in the cloud, everything integrates, all processes connect, and it's built for your business.

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Relevant Modules for Wholesale ERP

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