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Elisabeth M. Aardal June 21, 2024 4 min read

RamBase Summit 2024: A celebration of collaboration in Gdansk

The RamBase Summit 2024, held on April 23-24 in the beautiful city of Gdansk, marked a significant milestone for our company as we brought together customers and partners from across our Cloud ERP and Quality Management System platforms for the first time. This annual event, centered on our vision of "Growing Stronger Together," provided an invaluable opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among our community.



Celebrating outstanding achievements 

The RamBase Summit provided a platform to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of our customers and partners through our annual awards:

community-love Stamas: Newcomer of the Year - Stamas Solutions has shown remarkable dedication and rapid progress in implementing RamBase Cloud ERP, becoming a reference customer within just six months.

community-love Årdal Maskinering: Decades of Dedication 2023 - Årdal Maskinering has demonstrated decades-long loyalty and a continuous commitment to leveraging RamBase solutions for operational excellence.

community-love Westcontrol: Ambassador of the Year - Westcontrol has embraced RamBase's potential, becoming a top performer and challenging us to improve, in collaboration with their partner BDO.

community-love Eramet: Adventurer of the Year - Eramet has championed RamBase across multiple global sites, showcasing their commitment to expanding and utilizing our solutions worldwide.

community-love Ariser: Guts of the Year - Our ERP-partner Ariser has delivered exceptional quality and visibility in the Swedish market, exemplified by their work with customers like Note and Easy Laser.

community-love Svein Gihleengen from Mazeppa: Stamina for Years - Svein Gihleengen has shown unwavering dedication to implementing RamBase solutions, significantly contributing to Mazeppa's success and growth.



️Newcomer of the Year: Stamas
📷 Stig Rosseland, Pål Svanes, Marianne Moe

Decades of dedication 2023: Årdal Maskinering
 📷 Frode Hegle, Gunnstein Varhaug
Adventurer of the year: Eramet
📷 Inger Hellstrøm, Elisabeth Moi Lindland, Sara Mathisen
📷 Even Ramstad (accepting the award on behalf of Svein Gihleengen)
Stamina for years: Svein Gihleengen, Mazeppagroup
📷 Even Ramstad (accepting the award on behalf of Svein Gihleengen)
📷 Mikael Wiklund, Torkel Bylund, Ludvig Henningsson
Guts of the year: Ariser
📷 Mikael Wiklund, Torkel Bylund, Ludvig Henningsson
📷 Silje Eirin Slettebø (BDO), Eirik Høie
Ambassador of the year: Westcontrol AS
📷 Silje Eirin Slettebø (BDO), Eirik Høie


Inspiring speakers

The summit featured several distinguished speakers who shared their expertise and insights with our attendees. 

Our headliners included Eirik Norman Hansen, who is a leading expert in digital transformation, Eirik inspired us with his vision of the future of technology and its impact on businesses. 

Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim spoke on leadership and strategic thinking. Her part resonated deeply with our audience, offering practical advice for driving organizational change.

Prof. Dr. Daryl Powell is an renowned figure in lean manufacturing and process improvement, and he provided valuable insights into how to incorporate that mindset into an operational setting. 

Espen Thompson works as a consultant for management and development at Vestfold Hospital and demonstrate the practical application of quality work, offering thorough explanations and solidifying the theoretical framework for organizational quality management.

The presentations delivered by our speakers, including insightful customer presentations from Stamas, Elkem, and Dynamic Precision, significantly enriched our event. Additionally, our CEO Andreas Hellström, and members of our product department provided valuable insights through their presentations.

Complementing these presentations were the engaging parallel sessions, offering a choice of 15 unique topics. This diverse line-up added the perfect finishing touch to our two-day customer event.

Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim spoke on leadership and strategic thinking.

Prof. Dr. Daryl Powell

Prof. Dr. Daryl Powell talked about lean manufacturing and process improvement.


CSO, Odd Magne Vea
CSO, Odd Magne Vea presenting on one of the partner tracks
CEO, Andreas Hellström
CEO, Andreas Hellström talking about the RamBase Business Management Suite
Eirik Norman Hansen

Eirik Norman Hansen delivering his take on how to adapt to the digital landscape. 


Collaboration for growth

We were thrilled to showcase the partnerships we’ve developed with three remarkable companies: EMP Secure, Morescope, and ONCE at the Summit.

Morescope, offers a climate impact platform that enables customers to make data-driven decisions, simplify compliance, and achieve real data transparency. ONCE  is an efficient PLM tool that connects CAP and ERP systems, eliminating duplicate work in systems and equipment deliveries. Both Morescope and ONCE offer solutions that can seamlessly integrate into the RamBase ecosystem, providing our customers with specialized system options.

EMP Secure, a sister company of RamBase within the Hatteland Group, is our trusted security partner. We are always eager to promote EMP Secure to other customers so they can experience the exceptional service they provide.


Voices from the Summit

Our customers were at the heart of this event, and their feedback highlighted the value of such gatherings. Here are some of the enthusiastic responses we received:

  • "Great start of something good"
  • "Thank you for a wonderful time and event"
  • "I loved it and you are doing an amazing job"

Events like this are engaging for us as a system vendor, as well as for our customers and partners. Bringing our partners' expertise to events like this is of great value to our customers.

People having fun at the event
People at the event
People at the event
People at the event
People at the event


Growing stronger together

This has been a successful gathering, celebrating our joint wins. The most important thing, which no one can dispute, is that we celebrate the real deal: businesses that are growing and projects that are being delivered every day. That’s the part that makes us most proud!

This is for sure a proof to that we are growing stronger together!