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Olena Taymanova March 16, 2022 5 min read

Why 2022 is the year to act BOLD in your digital transformations

We all have been hearing about Industry 4.0 for some time now and 2022 will be the year when manufacturers are ready to embrace it. Technologies such as cloud computing, AI, IoT, and robotics are now mature enough to be leveraged by industries. These will enable manufacturers to boost operational efficiency and the ability to create new products and services. Together with leading global market research and advisory firm Forrester, we have highlighted industry-relevant smart manufacturing trends for 2022 and how RamBase can support your digital transformations.


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Technology challenges and opportunities of 2022


10%  growth for robot process automation

For the first time, enterprises will be able to purchase end-to-end business automation platforms that embrace task and process mining, robot process automation (RPA).(1) Fueled by pandemic-induced automation demands, Forrester predicts that the RPA market will grow up to $6,5 Billion by 2025.(2) We can expect the highest adoption coming from financial services (28%), public sector & healthcare (13%), energy and utilities (12%), and manufacturing and high-tech (10%).(2)

10%  of manufacturers will successfully operationalize Covid-era creativity

As Covid-19 pressures reduce, Forrester predicts that only industry leaders will maintain the sharp focus necessary to continue differentiating with creative processes, organization, products, and business models.(3) 


35%  of service companies will introduce physical robots

Jobs that typically command low wages and difficult working conditions can expect to see more robots altering the low-end service worker landscape.(4) 

40%  Increase in smart infrastructure

This year, we will see an increase in investment into smart infrastructure to improve pandemic recovery. This will address public health and manage critical resources. Technology such as edge computing, IoT, 5G, and network will be needed to power investments into smart infrastructure.(5) 


High-impact business success factors your cloud ERP should enable


Optimize processes with automation

Automation is an enabler of the future fit enterprise. Manufacturers will be increasingly leveraging automation into their everyday processes. In Europe, Forrester reports routine jobs make up 37% of the workforce, 49 million of those jobs are at risk from automation across Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and UK.(6) By replacing routine and low-value tasks from people it supports creative extensions for stronger customer and employee experience across businesses. (7)

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Event-driven architecture in applications

Event-driven architecture delivers real-time, valuable data, at an unrivaled speed.(8) In the context of customer excellence, clear enterprise insights can be leveraged to improve your customer's experience. People want 'instant' updates on order fulfillment, product delivery, stock, inventory levels, and more. Providing meaningful updates starts with a cloud ERP platform that connects across your business's ecosystem. 

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Improving delivery speed and quality
Your cloud ERP system should enable you to have visibility across assembly, manage, and document process control and product traceability down to item level.(9) 

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Supply chain visibility

When supply chains are smart, companies can more effectively anticipate fluctuations in demand and mitigate bottlenecks in supply. If your focus is on supply chain resilience and competitive differentiation, you should think about implementing a Cloud ERP solution that can effectively build collaboration. Like B2C customers, B2B customers reward us for anticipating their demands- the variety and volume of placing inventory into a supply chain in advance of their requirements. If the pandemic or the 2021 Suez Canal incident has taught us anything, is that supply chains are subject to interruptions. To build a resilient supply chain, industries need the right tools to reschedule sourcing, production, transportation logistics for any probability. Businesses need infrastructure that can simulate different solutions to problems but also has high-volume APIs to ingest and share different schedules with the suppliers and customers.(10)   

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Evolving manufacturing practices

Growing numbers of business application decision-makers are wondering whether to keep their on-premise legacy ERP systems or replace them with a modern Cloud ERP system. Legacy ERP's siloed instances and rigid, hard-coded processes could prevent their owners from providing customers with today's operational must-haves, such as "buy online, return to store," pay-per-use subscription contracts, and add-on app marketplaces. Today's businesses want to accelerate their digital transformation as well as reduce the risk and cost of supporting outdated software. 

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Top reasons to move to RamBase Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP handles many of an on-premise ERP's workloads but with very different architectures that make them more flexible, open, and easier to use.(11) Business leaders who are considering replacing legacy ERP suites with modern Cloud ERP are doing so because they want to improve the following:

37% Want to accelerate the shift to digital business.(12) 

35% Want to improve the use of data insights in business decision-making.(12)

35% Want to accelerate response to business and market changes.(12)

41% Want to improve their customers' experience.(12) 


Powered by RamBase

Get 360-degree control by linking the value chain into one system that interacts, streamlines, and simplifies all your core processes. RamBase Cloud ERP is equipped with a rich set of APIs that are open for partners and customers to develop smart industry solutions - fit for your unique business needs.


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