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We know it can be a time-consuming task choosing a software solution for your business. So to help you make a more informed decision we’ve outlined what to look for, please see the options below.

By Business Type


Starting a company you can’t afford a big, time-consuming implementation project. RamBase supports flexible licenses, scalability and fast-track implementation.  

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RamBase focuses on providing scale-ups with the right solutions to enable unhindered business growth

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Small & Medium-sized Businesses

As an SMB, your challenges lie in meeting customers’ quality expectations, controlling limited resources and a large amount of information. 

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Fast-growing companies

The ERP system itself is completely scalable – you make use of the functionality you need depending on where in your growth process you are.

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International Businesses

RamBase is a future-proof system delivered through the cloud, and it’s built for companies with complex value chains.

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By Role


As the CEO,  your focus is on revenue and company growth. You need a complete overview and knowing the status of your business in real-time. 

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As the CIO,  you want to make sure your company invests in a platform that can be the base of your ecosystem, and support your future digital strategy.

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As the CFO,  you need transparency into all financial data and value that the finance module is an integral part of the ERP system. 

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By industries

The RamBase Cloud ERP system has industry-specific modules and features that fit your business. Developed in close cooperation with manufacturing and wholesale companies, we can say with expertise that we know you, and we know your business.

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