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RamBase March 10, 2021 2 min read

IT Vision emphasises platform possibilities to their Polish customers

RamBase is not your standard Cloud ERP system - it is also a platform that opens a completely new chapter of possibilities for enterprise resource management. This is what attracted IT Vision to RamBase, and why they became the first official partner to implement the RamBase platform in Poland. 


Establishing cooperation in Poland

In 2019, IT Vision became the first official partner to implement the RamBase platform in Poland. Thanks to the professionalism and vast knowledge of IT Vision experts, the latest and most effective methods of enterprise resource planning and reliable business systems are available on the Polish market.  RamBase Cloud ERP offered by Hatteland will allow IT Vision to offer their clients a comprehensive system that is extremely efficient, reliable and safe. 

“The RamBase platform is available in more and more countries every year. We are extremely proud that we can continue implementing RamBase in Poland and we look forward to new challenges and projects"

Odd Magne Vea, CSO responsible for sales at RamBase. 

Platform possibilities

The innovation of RamBase Cloud ERP is that it not only stores information about the company's activities, but also integrates information from other programs, websites or customer portals. The platform is easy and quick to implement, and using it does not require new investments in hardware or technologies, etc. 

So far, the platform has only been available in a few countries. For its introduction in Poland, Hatteland needed a professional and experienced partner on the market.

“IT Vision is a mature integrator with many years of experience in the ERP area. We are convinced that by combining our competences we will create a new quality on the Polish market”

Jakub Polkowski, Partner Channel Executive responsible for RamBase in Poland.