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RamBase June 10, 2022 3 min read

Stay compliant ahead of the Polish e-invoice mandate

Poland will be adopting nationwide electronic invoicing in the near future. In 2024* the National System of e-Invoices (KSeF) will be mandatory for all polish businesses to issue and receive invoices. RamBase Partner Todis Consulting is one step ahead and has already the solution ready for polish companies that want to comply with the new regulatory requirements.

KSeF is a central database of e-invoices governed by the Ministry of Finance in Poland. All companies from all sectors and industries will be required to exchange invoices with their business partners via the new platform. Since January 2022, sending and exchanging electronic invoices via the KSeF platform has been voluntary, but in 2024 it will be mandatory to use the platform.

Being prepared

To stay compliant with the new regulations, polish businesses already have a solution ready, thanks to RamBase partner Todis Consulting. 

For over 17 years, the team at Todis Consulting has been specializing in implementing ERP systems and providing their customers with modifications and functional extensions they need to operate. The focus for Todis Consulting is consistently staying ahead of the market requirements so that the transition to new legal changes runs smoothly.


Anna Turzańska-Saldej, CEO of Todis Consulting.

"For many years, Todis has specialized in adapting ERP software to Polish local regulations. The introduction of KseF is therefore a natural activity for us in order to ensure comprehensive service to our customers. The advantage of our solution is full integration with  ERP systems like Rambase that we implement, "says Anna Turzańska-Saldej, CEO of Todis Consulting.

The move toward a more streamlined and structured invoice process has its benefits.  Structured invoices will be processed faster and more accurately, with fewer manual errors. The KSeF platform will also automatically archive all invoices for ten years, so businesses will no longer need to store invoices manually. It's also estimated that the process of tax refund will be reduced from 60 to 40 days. 

It is very important for customers to have one trusted supplier with whom they cooperate and who is fully responsible for the entire process. As part of the implementation of the KSeF solution, we offer not only the mechanism of transferring invoices to the government platform, but also the adaptation of the ERP system and processes related to issuing invoices," says Turzańska-Saldej.


KSEF Integation Image and link


Development possibilities

Founded in 1992, RamBase is a Norwegian-developed Software-as-a-Service system born in the cloud. The system is equipped with a rich set of APIs and RamBase encourages partners and customers to develop smart industry solutions with the open building blocks available. Something that Todis Consulting has done. The ERP expertise that Todis Consulting brings to the table fits perfectly with the development possibilities that the open API resources the RamBase Cloud ERP platform provides. 

"The integration with the RamBase system is particularly easy and safe due to the API standards used by the manufacturer", says Turzańska-Saldej.


About Todis Consulting

Todis Consulting is an independent Polish consulting company providing comprehensive IT solutions. The company employs a team of consultants with years of experience in the implementation of IT systems. Todis works with over 100 clients in Poland and abroad. The company specializes in ERP systems implementations, but it also creates its own solutions, modifications and functional extensions to existing systems tailored to individual customer needs or to local market requirements (e.g. changes in legislation), as well as systems for reporting (Business Intelligence). 

Check out their website and their dedicated RamBase Partner Site.


About RamBase Cloud ERP

RamBase is a cloud-based ERP system that helps businesses within manufacturing and distribution gain control over their entire value chain from sales to production to delivery. Built on a future-proof platform, RamBase is a flexible Software-as-a-Service solution with rich industry features that are delivered by certified partners with extensive industry knowledge. Don't settle for less; RamBase supports your whole organization. 

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*Initially, the launch date for mandatory B2B invoicing was from April 2023.